Taktisk sjötransport

Our Quick Watercrafts provide small units with highly beneficial transportation capabilities. Our QRW´s are based on heavily modified sports watercrafts with modifications/reinforcement in hull, body, electrical systems and drivetrain. Our inhouse team of engineers, boatbuilders and drivetrain/propulsion expertise have extensive experience in building professional watercrafts for military and law enforcement purposes. Our watercrafts are engineered for professional purposes and is tuned according to each customer specification and need. Our design process starts in dialogue with each specific customer.

Our QRW´s can be launched from piers, larger vessels or transported by trailer or helicopter.

We have the Rescue Runner, Guardrunner QRW and Searanger QRW on location in Gothenburg so that our clients can familiarize themselves with the different platforms. We provide full service and support surrounding our watercrafts. We provide training for end-users, train the trainer, maintenance courses and a variety of after market support actions. Quick Reaction Force Watercrafts - Developed and Assembled in Gothenburg, Sweden by Safe at Sea AB. Sales partner - Equipnor AB.

The Guardrunner QRW as well as the Searanger QRW can be supplied in either single or double seater version. Single seater version offer a large aft deck with cleaning hatch for the waterjet intake.

Both platforms can be supplied with sponsons of either rigid or air filled type. Sponsons are fixed to the hull through bolted connection and can be switched if severely damaged.

Effective and Reliable engine builds

STANAG lift | Helo and Crane

eLECTRIC drive train

Tactical Electronics & Sensors

Extended range fuel systems

Special attachments

Mil-Spec electrical system

Cleaning hatch