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About Equipnor

Equipnor is built upon a foundation of Scandinavian craftsmanship. The company employs a dedicated and experienced staff with multidisciplinary skills and a variety of perspectives. Our organization is optimized to handle sales and development projects
on all levels and the company holds adequate resources to pursue comprehensive and far-reaching projects throughout the Scandinavian market. Each project is managed by personnel and processes chosen for the specific task at hand and supported
by various capabilities within our organization.

Current status 

  • Part of the NFM Group (

  • Office locations in Norway and Sweden

  • An extensive brand portfolio

  • A competent sales and marketing organization

  • A solid financial enterprise platform

  • A logistics organization that can handle the full spectrum of projects and tenders

  • An extensive and unique network of partners in Europe and abroad

Brief history

Norsk Forsvarsmateriell was founded in 1996 with the primary objective of supplying personal equipment to the Norwegian armed forces and police. In 2009 Equipnor AS (business partner) merged with Norsk Forsvarsmateriell becoming the largest supplier of personal equipment in northern Europe. Their new name became Equipnor AS.

In March 2015, Equipnor AS teamed up with Neptunus Hav & Land AB in Sweden entering the Swedish market. Our joint forces strengthen our operational capabilities, providing our customers with even more supportive products and services.

Neptunus Hav & Land AB was founded in 2008. The company initially focused on equipment for amphibious operations, which still is an important part of the business. It has since evolved to become an important supplier of personal equipment for the Swedish Armed Forces and Police.

Facts and Figures

Market regions: Norway and Sweden

Office locations: 4

Number of employees: 30

Headquarter: Ski (25km south of Oslo)


HQ / Sales office
Glynitveien 27 N-1400 Ski
Tel: +47 64 85 14 00 
Fax: +47 64 85 14 01 

Equipnor Norway,
Sales office 

Tennebekk Næringspark 
Lyderhornsveien 295 
N-5171 Loddefjord
Tel : +47 64 85 14 00
Fax: +47 55 50 78 10

Equipnor Sweden,
HQ / Sales office 

Körsbärsvägen 7
114 23 Stockholm

NFM Group

Equipnor is Part of the NFM Group which ables us to use a highly skilled organisation for business on all levels.

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